7 Things you wouldn’t want to do while traveling!

7 Things you wouldn’t want to do while traveling!

There are no set rules while you are travelling. You can do whatever you want and whatever you like. It gives you an option to live a parallel life that you strive to live at your home. No boundaries, no reputation at stake and you can slip away as a whole different person while you are on vacations. Not a single person knows you and vice versa. What can be a better way to bury your past behind and becoming a whole new person. But still there are some of the things you wouldn’t want to do while travelling. These things if you avoid won’t only help you become a better traveler, but a better human being.

Eating from the hotels

This may be your worst mistake while travelling to a destination. You may get the cleanest and most sophisticated food items in a hotel, but true essence of the local cuisine can only be tasted by gorging the delicious street food. Apart from being utterly delicious the street food will also help you save money.

Spending Lavishly

Being a spendthrift on holidays is normal thing. But if you want to know your surroundings better, then behave like them only. By doing that people will start opening themselves up to you and you can take home innumerable memories with your new friends.

Avoiding contact with strangers

Whenever you get the opportunity talk to the strangers, ask them for directions, best places to visit and eateries that are a rage there. Locals have the best knowledge about everything and the information that they will provide can never be bought from the guide books and websites.

Calling South Indians ‘Mallu’

Never stereotype a community based on the perceptions you have in mind. India is a diverse country and we should respect each and every person living here. By calling a person from South India a ‘mallu’ is like calling all the North Indians ‘Punjabi’. So, if you want to gain their respect, give the respect.

Getting into a debate when you know you are wrong

Travelling makes you patience and you should imply that in every circumstance you are in. If you know that a discussion has turned into an argument and you know you are not so sure, then don’t mind giving up. It will help you save relations and make new friends easily.

Taking things for granted

It can be counted as the biggest mistake in every traveler’s life. Never expect things to fall into place as you want them. Even if you have organized your trip properly be ready for surprises that can take you a step back. You can miss you train, reach to a certain location late and more such things. But best resort will be to be prepared and keep your head cool.

Travelling only the known parts

We often travel to the places which we have heard on TV or read in the journals. But if you are a true traveler, try and do something different from others and explore the unexplored. It will add to your knowledge and in future you can guide your friends to do so.