About Me

Hi, I am Vivek.

Passionate about travel and photography, travel has always been the one thing that I can do for life. Join me as I explore the incredible lands and reach out to the world with my bare hands.

I have been travelling for the past two years and have been featured in several newspapers for my love for traveling. I take risks, go to the unknown destinations and like to meet new people at every instant. I want to make suitcase my home and live out of it as much as I can.

People often ask me if I am looking for a job or a reliable career and tell myself that nothing can be more disturbing than a 9 to 5 job down the line. And for me I can’t live inside a bubble and spend my life in a cubicle for next 20-30 years.

So, what do I want to do?

  • I want to travel long term
  • Make new memories I can relish for life
  • See wonders of the world
  • Look through people’s eyes
  • Learn from my mistakes

Budget Travel: I love to do things that people believe cannot be done. I love to sleep beneath the sky full of stars, see sun rise in front of my eyes, run with horses on the open field and if necessary sleep on railway platforms. Traveling for me is not just passion but a style of living.

“I would rather own little and see the world then own the world and see little of it.” Alexander Sattler

How do I plan to travel the world?

I haven’t always been a traveler though. Born and brought up in India, it is always difficult to follow what your heart says. There are expectations so huge that you end up becoming what your parents have predicted at the time of your birth. However during the course of my Masters degree I realized that there’s much more to life than a stable lifestyle. Here people usually tend to focus on good schooling, government jobs, settled lifestyle and a good family. But I never believed in what others said and instead always tried and distance myself from the so called disciplined and educated society.

Even my parents didn’t want me to commit to something that I couldn’t follow for life. They always thought that my passions were short lived and it will be too late for me to return to my senses in future. For me traveling is not luxury but a need, I can travel any which way possible so money will never be an issue for my future travel plans.

I started saving money for my travel plans during my PG and I am doing so for the last 3 years. My motto is to travel and forget everything else. I will sell tea, do part times and do whatever it takes to earn only so much money, that I can travel and go from one destination to another.

Want to learn more?

Make your life exciting, go out on weekends, if you don’t love your job say it goodbye. There’s so much more to life than stupid 9 to 5 jobs (well that’s what I used to say, but yeah you got to earn money to spend some). People have conquered the world before you, think of giving them a run for their money, and make your own memories. Life is too small to give others a chance to force you into doing things that they want.

So read the blogs ask whatever you want, connect with me through official pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Last but not the least please travel, believe me its fun. Follow me and I will take you to the strangest corners of this world.