10 Reasons You Should Definitely Follow My Blog

10 Reasons You Should Definitely Follow My Blog

You must have seen people writing blogs and indulge themselves in luxurious traveling. For me traveling is everything and I usually prefer to do it on shoestring budgets. I have made it a habit to adjust to every situation possible and make best out of it. I have slept on railway stations, on the beaches in India, surfed couches without the help of Couchsurfing and ate food for free on many occasions.

Since the time I have started traveling I have been to more than 40 places traveling on budget as well living in big hotels for little to no costs. It has been my passion to explore each and every place that comes to my eye. I consider myself fortunate enough that I have been able to travel so many places even after facing many ups and downs in my life. And as they say “If you are happy, travel to celebrate. If you are sad, travel to forget. If nothing is happening, travel to make something happen.”

So here are some reasons you should follow my blog and be a proud budget traveler:

  1. I travel on a strict pre-defined budget! (I traveled 7 Indian states at a budget of Rs 6000).
  2. You will see me board crowded buses and general compartments of Indian railways!
  3. Ever thought of crashing at an unknown’s house! I will do that.
  4. You will learn how to travel to different places at minimal budget.
  5. I am photographer too. You will see the true colors of India as they are.
  6. Being a Punjabi, I cannot wait to dig into new cuisines and dishes whether they are Desi or Foreign.
  7. Yes, I long to become a full time traveler and a part time homie.
  8. I will provide you with itineraries for FREE if you want to travel to the places where I have been to before.
  9. You will not only find all the stuff related to where I travel but also the daily musings, travel news and whole lot of other stuff.
  10. To see if what I am saying is remotely true or just plain blabber!

Follow my blog and help me achieve my dream of becoming a full time travel blogger.

Thank you in advance!