Random Act Of Kindness That Motivated Me To Travel

Random Act Of Kindness That Motivated Me To Travel

The hundred rupee note, a missed train and an awesome dinner

What motivates you? Watching people succeed, movies that inspire us to do something different and nature that makes us realize how lucky we are to be alive. Without motivation we can’t even think about living our life for any result. Steve Jobs was motivated to do something on his own and he made it big. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and now he is the motivation for millions. Many inspire us just the way how they behave with us,  some with small gestures that make us feel important. Something happened with me while I was traveling that motivated me to travel even more. These small stories will tell you how random acts of kindness motivated me to travel.

The hundred rupee note

After coming from a backpacking trip to Lohgad fort situated in Malavli near Pune, I had only 15 rupees left with me. So I took the 7:45 PM train back to Shivaji Nagar, without worrying about what will happen afterwards. Soon I realized that our last bus to college leaves at 9 PM and I had no money to reach to the bus.

The person sitting just opposite to me saw me sweating and asked what happened?  I told him that I have no money left for the last college bus and I will be stranded for night if I couldn’t get there on time. He was no more than 17 years old and wasn’t quite rich either. Just as I stopped talking he flicked out Rs 100 note from his pocket and said “please return the favor to someone else”.

I saw that he had only Rs 10 note left with him after he gave Rs 100 note to me. The person that day taught me there’s no dearth of kindness in the world and less amount of money can never stop me from travelling.

Missed train and an awesome dinner

This time I was again on the backpacking trip to Malavli but this time I went there to visit age old Bhaja Caves built by Buddhist monks. This time again, I missed the last train to Shivaji Nagar. Left with no option I started walking back to the village I just came from. Knocking on some doors for food and shelter, a couple relented and allowed me in. I told my story to them and they offered me a nice and heavy dinner that too for free.

It was 10 in the night and they already had dinner before I knocked. But still they made an effort to feed me. They prepared a heavy meal which included Bajra rotis, Masala Chana and served it with pickle. The dinner was awesome and to my pleasant surprise they also brought a mango after I was done. The house was not big enough and had only one room and a kitchen with toilet built outside.

But the way they showed their empathy towards me, I was shocked and happy to see that humanity is still alive. They gave me a couch to sleep on. I gave them a Rs 100 note to them and a promise to return the favor to any person who knocks on my door at night for food.