10 Things To Take Care While Traveling To Unknown Place

10 Things To Take Care While Traveling To Unknown Place

We often sweat a lot while chalking out plans for our next destination. It becomes difficult to leave everything behind and go to an unknown destination where you have no friends or relatives. There’s a constant pressure on you to travel and return safe. As a traveler we have to keep several things in mind to be positive and follow what our heart says. Even the media nowadays creates a picture so horrible of some places that people get too scared to go there and prefer to stay at home.

Here are some tips and tricks about things to take care while traveling to the unknown:

1. Keep your friends updated about Location: Always make it a habit to share your location with close friends and family members whenever you leave your house for backpacking. It may seem like a breach of privacy at first, but you will see that it will help you sleep better at the place you have chosen.

2. Search your preferred places beforehand: Although it’s said that traveling on instincts is the best thing to do but still point out major locations that you would like to go to. It will not only help you to keep you on schedule but will also reduce chaos.

3. Scan your IDs and Licenses beforehand: What’s the worst thing to happen on an unknown destination? Losing your IDs and licenses! Save yourself from the hassles in the future and always scan all the important documents you take with you while traveling.

4. Check if you have all the tickets with you: This may sound stupid but most of the plans get screwed because of the people forget to check the most prominent things while traveling.

5. Talk to the localites: People at most places are happy to see you and welcome you with open heart and mind. They are the best source of information about the place and will tell you the best places to go and the places you should avoid.

6. Never set an agenda: Never over think about the place you are going to and assume what the place would be like. Just go there and see the place unfolding before your eyes. You will be much more satisfied and happy when you return.

7. Keep your eyes and ears open: Always keep track of activities going on around you. While this can be taxing, but it will give you an essence of how people are like and what are their usual habits. It will only help you to understand them better and know their behavior.

8. Be ready to face the worst situations: Although it is always preferred too book all the tickets and hotel rooms in advance. But just in case you can’t do that be ready to travel in the general compartments, buses or sleep at the weirdest of places.

9. Keep the number of nearest police station with you: It is always advisable to keep a directory with you with phone numbers of relatives and family members. But the ones who help you on the spot are police personnel who are present there at that moment.

10. Never share your current location on social sites: There’s a trend nowadays to share everything and anything on the social media. But you never who else is stalking you and keeping a track where you are headed next. So better stay safe and don’t share your location with “friends”.

PS: I am not saying that goons will greet you once you left your house and reach to the unknown. But if you are traveling alone safety comes first and becomes the most important aspect for you and your relatives. Moreover keep these things in mind and I am sure once you list them to your parents they will readily accept your proposal to travel to the unknown places. 

Share your stories with us and tell what are all things you keep in mind while traveling to an unknown destination. It might help people who are just starting out.