5 Reasons You Should Visit Goa In Winter Breaks

5 Reasons You Should Visit Goa In Winter Breaks

Goa is one such place where you can go anytime of the year and do whatever you want. You can seek peace there and trip on booze simultaneously. Even Vasco Da Gama would have enjoyed his stay there lying all day at a beach. With petrol available at half the price compared to any other state in India, now I know why he didn’t ever want to move out from there. You can do a hell lot more things and chill like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are 5 reasons you should visit Goa in winter breaks as I did:

People: You will find people from every country enjoying themselves and indulging in fun activities. One of the coolest places in India, you can see people roaming around in tees and dancing to the Indian tunes on the road side. Whether you are a dope digger or a peace seeker, you will find people practicing your religion and it will be impossible to resist and not join them. The winter season makes visit to Goa even more special. You can see Christmas decorations and celebrations all around. I was there at the Baga beach till 2 AM and it was bustling like it 6 in the evening.

Beaches: Beaches are at their full glory in December and January. From Baga to Calangute and Vagator to Anjuna, you won’t find a beach that has best of the sun rises and the sun sets. And the amazing shacks give you whatever you want. Craving for North Indian food or classic continental? The shacks will tickle your taste buds leaving you wanting for more.The aroma of freshly baked bread or curry will take you to another level. So just enjoy your favorite drink, savor the dishes and watch sun go down in all its beauty. I swear it can’t get any better than that.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere you will witness there will be contrasting. You will see miniature Christmas models on every station in Goa with carols being played in the background. On the other hand you will also see people dancing on global tunes and tripping on the music as you move to North Goa. I boarded the bus from Panjim to Baga Beach and people in the bus were so full of energy, enjoying their life to the fullest.

Festivals: Goa has become one of India’s most happening states with most of the major fests happening there during December- January period. Supersonic, Sunburn and Channel V’s fest are some of the few that will keep you hooked the entire time. With DJs like Axwell & Ingrosso & Armin van Buuren slated to perform, the Sunburn festival is all set to give you an experience of a lifetime. With Sunburn scheduled during December 28th to December 30th 2018, it’s a win-win position for anyone who wants to visit Goa this December.

Endless Parties: Who doesn’t know about the parties in Goa and how awesome they get after a while. With no tension and a happy go lucky attitude of people, the parties turn into an enjoyable venture. With some of the best casinos in India present there, people usually forget the clock and party like there’s no tomorrow. While there are endless list of places where you can party, I crashed at Baga beach. To my surprise there were around 60 shacks back to back playing loud music

So, book your tickets and go all out partying in Goa. If you want more suggestions follow these blogs for the all out experience in Goa.